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Afghan Feminized


Afghan Feminized cannabis seeds produce round fat leaves and big fat buds, not so many crystals as Elephant Bud, but it has a rich smooth hash like smoke. The smoke is heavy and best used in a water bong to make it easier on your lungs.

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A pure bred landrace strain from Africa. Africa is renowned for producing amazing great cones. Place these seeds under the sun and see what nature can do for you. This great outdoor Sativa sends you right to the summit of mount Kilimanjaro. It has a very hash-like taste and sublime. The imposing buds are exceptionally large and thick. So order now and fly away to Africa. Seeds come from a different climate and they may need special attention to germinate properly (where legal). Never let a Sativa seed get dry. They need to be set on a warming mat above 30 Celcius and often need 3 days of soaking in sterile water before they will open. Be patient and never expect them to pop open under 28 Degrees Celcius.

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